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Madden NFL 23 (for PC) won't start

My laptop spec is as follows: CPU: 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-1240P 1.70 GHz RAM: 16GB SSD: 256GB (Windows) + 2TB (Games) Graphic: Intel Iris XE Graphics (Graphics memory 8GB) OS: Windows ...
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How to install only Xbox Game Pass games to an external drive on PC?

I learned that changing the app install location setting can make the games installed to an external SSD from this article. But ...
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Where does Skyrim save screenshots to?

I just downloaded Skyrim from Xbox Game Pass and I want to know where it saves screenshots to.
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Is it possible to use Game Pass for PC in a game-sharing setup?

I have an Xbox Live subscription and am able to log into both the Xbox and Game Pass for PC. I need to ensure that I'm logged into the Microsoft Store with the same credentials as my Xbox account in ...
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Error 0x800704c6 on updating/reinstalling Gears Tactics (Win10, Xbox Game Pass)

I've been playing Gears Tactics on Windows 10 via Xbox Game Pass for the last few days. Everything was working fine until it tried to install an update yesterday. The download hung at 246MB out of 2....
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Does Xbox Game Pass (for PC) support buying DLC?

I purchased The Two Colonels DLC from Microsoft store and the content appears as owned in the Xbox application: Pressing "install" briefly flashes this screen, the page the reverts. In the game's ...
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How can I find which games are available in the Microsoft PC Game Pass?

Microsoft is offering its PC game subscription service for $1. Cool! But, how can I determine which games are available on it? I found this list, but it doesn't tell you anything about any of the ...
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