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Questions tagged [xbox-game-pass]

For questions about Xbox Game Pass, a game subscription service for Xbox and PC launched in 2017. It lets subscribers download certain Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Xbox games onto their Xbox Ones and play them.

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Is there a way to make PC game pass installs and updates continue after a Windows reboot?

I sometimes like to start game installs on more traditional platforms like Steam, GoG, Origin, Ubisoft Connect etc. right before I shut down my PC for the night so that when I boot my PC the next ...
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Minecraft Local Multiplayer w/out Game Pass

Can I play Minecraft local multiplayer on the Xbox Series S without Game Pass?
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Xcloud on Android, games say controller not connected, but it is

Just been trying to use xcloud on my Huawei p10 pro, I blue toothed my xbox one controller to android and it seems to work as it can use the d pad to cycle though icons on the phone, but when I start ...
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