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Questions tagged [xbox-game-pass]

For questions about Xbox Game Pass, a game subscription service for Xbox and PC launched in 2017. It lets subscribers download certain Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Xbox games onto their Xbox Ones and play them.

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How do I transfer multiplayer progress from Game Pass to Steam?

Is there a way to export a shared multiplayer save from the Game Pass version of Grounded to the Steam version? A friend was hosting the game on their end, and I want to make sure I still have all my ...
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How to install only Xbox Game Pass games to an external drive on PC?

I learned that changing the app install location setting can make the games installed to an external SSD from this article. But ...
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Now that LoL / Valorant is added to Gamepass, how can I redeem their benefit without installing it from Microsoft store?

Title. If the user is Game pass user, user can receive every champions and agents (Source). Now, it seems to be requiring me to install LoL / Valorant via Microsoft Store. How to Access Your Benefits:...
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Is there a way to make PC game pass installs and updates continue after a Windows reboot?

I sometimes like to start game installs on more traditional platforms like Steam, GoG, Origin, Ubisoft Connect etc. right before I shut down my PC for the night so that when I boot my PC the next ...
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How to play on Xbox Live on Xbox 360 with Game Pass?

I'm trying to play Xbox Live from my Xbox 360. I've done a Game Pass, logged into Xbox with that profile but then, I'm lost. I need a step by step guide to make this work to play online.
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Bought "imported" Xbox Series S, unable to purchase Game Pass

To get Game Pass, console shows 1$ first month, later 9.90$. But in India its price should be 50₹, later 499₹. I'm not comfortable with dollars transaction. Can you please guide me how to get Game ...
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Xbox One friends and Xbox Live Gold friends

I switched from the Xbox 360 to Xbox One X so now I pay for Xbox Gamepass Ultimate which I know includes Xbox Live Gold, but why don't my friends from Xbox One transfer to my backwards compatible 360? ...
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Minecraft Local Multiplayer w/out Game Pass

Can I play Minecraft local multiplayer on the Xbox Series S without Game Pass?
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Share Xbox Game Pass between two consoles simultaneously

Is it possible to share Game Pass Ultimate between two consoles at the same time? I remember when I had two Xbox Ones about 5 years ago, I was able to have a home console and a guest console. We're ...
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Xcloud on Android, games say controller not connected, but it is

Just been trying to use xcloud on my Huawei p10 pro, I blue toothed my xbox one controller to android and it seems to work as it can use the d pad to cycle though icons on the phone, but when I start ...
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Ask for pin when switching profiles on XBox-one?

My (adult) Xbox profile has 3 years of game pass ultimate on it. I’ve set up a Microsoft Family profile/account for my 7 yo son in order to white-list games I would like him to be able to play via my ...
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2 answers

Can't install or uninstall The Surge 2 in Xbox Game Pass

I made a video of the problem: Basically The Surge 2 is in my games list, but it hasn't installed. It looks like it has (the icon is full colour), but it hasn't. I ...
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Error 0x800704c6 on updating/reinstalling Gears Tactics (Win10, Xbox Game Pass)

I've been playing Gears Tactics on Windows 10 via Xbox Game Pass for the last few days. Everything was working fine until it tried to install an update yesterday. The download hung at 246MB out of 2....
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Will you lose games you got with xbox game pass ultimate?

I am thinking about cancelling my xbox game pass ultimate subscription. I have Forza Horizon 4 which was included with the pass. If I cancel now, will I have to pay for the game to keep playing?
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How can I find which games are available in the Microsoft PC Game Pass?

Microsoft is offering its PC game subscription service for $1. Cool! But, how can I determine which games are available on it? I found this list, but it doesn't tell you anything about any of the ...
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