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Missing Stars in Yoshi's New Island 1-2

Yoshi's New Island World 1-2 Chomp Rock 'N' Roll I've played this level 4 times now and I'm still missing 5 Stars. I've found all the Red Coins and Smiley Flowers and 25 Stars. I've explored the ...
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Does collecting all the flowers/coins/stars mean anything?

At the end of the level, the game counts the flowers and coins and stars you have (out of 5, 20, and 30 respectively) and counts each as a "mission" in the level. I have yet to manage to complete all ...
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What are the Yoshi Egg medals for?

I noticed that if you complete a level and the flower roulette lands on a flower, you get a number of Yoshi medals matching the number of flowers you got in a level. What are these medals for? It ...
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What are the silver Shy Guys for?

I saw a silver Shy Guy, and being a Yoshi, I figured maybe eating him was the way to go. I just got a normal egg out of the deal, so I am wondering if maybe eating him was the wrong choice. It's so ...
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