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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is an Action/Adventure game release for the Nintendo Switch on September 20, 2019. It is a complete remake of the original 1993 Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening for the Game Boy. Use this tag for the Switch remake. For the original version, use the [zelda-links-awakening] tag.

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Can’t find a way to break the fourth pillar in the links awakening remake

I’m in eagle’s tower and Im trying to break the last pillar but I can’t! I can’t get the ball to there due to a huge gap the ball cant go over, can someone help me get there with the ball so I can ...
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Stuck in color dungeon, one little key short

Did I just do something stupid? I used my last small key and opened the wrong door. Now I can't get past the the last locked door, to retrieve the boss key. How do I fix this?
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Can I go back and change my reward from the Color Dungeon?

I finished the Color Dungeon and picked the red mail so I could do more damage, but now I am wondering if I made the right choice. Can I go back and switch for the blue, to have more defense? Or am I ...
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Where do I put the CiaoCiao figurine?

I have been looking all around the village but I can't seem to find anywhere to put the CiaoCiao figurine I got from the Trendy Game. What do I do with this figurine? Where can I place it?
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What are the little pedestal things for?

I keep finding little pedestals usually in people's house that I can look at and they seem to all say the name of an enemy on them. What are they for? How do they work?
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Why does the East Tal-Tal Heights Warp Point not work?

I am between Catfish's Maw and Face Shrine, but went exploring and came across the warp point location in the north east of the map (near Eagle's Tower). It did not activate for me when I stood on it. ...
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Can you take Bowwow out after returning him to MeowMeow?

Hes super useful because he finds seashells for you, but after you bring it back, you seemingly can't bring him back with you for a walk. He's stuck chained to his post. So is there a way to take ...
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What items should I buy from the shop before stealing the bow?

I'm attempting a no death run to unlock that sweet seagull ending, and so after I steal the bow from the shop I never plan to return to it. I could just save up my rupees of course but, well, I'd ...
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How can I find Marin?

I just opened the entrance to the last dungeon and realized I don't have the first Ocarina song, so I tried to find Marin: Last time I saw it, it was right before entering the desert. Not found on ...
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