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Zork is one of the first text adventure games, written originally in the late 70s.

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What does "Zork" actually mean in-universe in the Zork/Infocom universe?

Nine or more Infocom games, the original Zork trilogy plus Zork Zero and Beyond Zork as well as the Enchanter trilogy, and possibly The Lurking Horror, all take place in a shared universe centered ...
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How can I take the crystal skull without candles?

I accidentally left the candles burning in the altar and went to do other stuff, by the time I returned, the candles were too short to even light. But the candles are needed to take the crystal skull, ...
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Stuck in Hades in Zork

I was really far in the game and went to the cellar to then being eaten by something (I forgot) and got transported to Hades. I read a thing saying to go to an altar and pray but I don't know where ...
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How to get full 1000 score in Zork: Grand Inquisitor?

I've just finished replaying an old piece of childhood of mine - Zork: Grand Inquisitor (the GOG version). At the end of the game I got a score of 862 of 1000 or something like that. Which made me ...
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Saving on DOSBox

I'm running ZORK.BAT on DOSBox. The problem is that whenever I want to save the game, and it asks me: insert save disk then enter file name. (Default is C:SAVE\ZORK1.DAT): No matter what I wrote, ...
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Is "being dead" important to solve Zork I

In Zork I, after a certain point (which I have no idea what is, discovering the altar perhaps), if you die, you are transported to the Entrance to Hades, and you are in a dead state. E.g. typing ...
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Can't Enter Trap Door in Zork

At the beginning of the game of Zork there is a Trap Door. I try to Enter by Saying "Enter Trap Door" However when I do that it says "There is a Wall There". I am playing Release 13
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Can Thief steal what you don't see?

I'm now going through Zork I (revision 88, Infocom release) and mapping the maze of twisty little passages by dropping various stuff here and there. What is thief tells "Since he steals for pleasure ...
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How can I save my game of Zork that i am playing in DOSBox?

I am playing Zork on a Snow Leopard Mac, using DOSBox. I type in save but it says to save to this path c:save\zork1.dat. I am not sure what to do, also it says to insert a save disk so I don't if I ...
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How were text adventures meant to be played?

I have recently started playing Zork. I'm a big fan of graphic adventures from around '90, finished several of them on my own so I think I'm not particularly bad at them, but I'm having little luck ...
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Can you actually finish Zork in Black Ops?

..or is it just a cute easter egg? context (bonus points for screenshots)
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