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An emulator for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, first seen in 1997.

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Tap-tap automation in SNES emulators

At the very beginning of Chrono Trigger at the Millennial Fair there is a (soda pop) drinking game where you need to tap A repeatedly. It is ridiculously hard, so I wrote a script that can tap A much ...
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Can i play NES in ZSNES?

Title says it. I've been looking for an alternative to Fceux since it just doesn't work on my computer and I thought: "Why not look for a way to run NES roms in ZSNES?". On my adventure to find the ...
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Zsnes not automatically load through maximus arcade

In maximus configuration, I place this Executable: F:\Games\zsnesw151\zsnesw.exe Media (roms): F:\Games\zsnesw151\roms\ When I try to play any of the games (roms) through maximus arcade it only ...
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