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What stealth elements are there in BioShock 2?

I noticed a stealth-related gene tonic in BioShock 2, the Drill Lurker ("Quietens your footsteps and increases DAMAGE from melee attacks on UNAWARE opponents, especially with the DRILL swing").

Since the game does appear to have stealth mechanics, I would like to know how do they work: how does the enemy AI detect the player?

Specifically, I would like to know:

  • Do the sounds you make matter? (from gunfire, to walking on different types of floor)
  • Does sight matter? (Can I lurk in the shadows? Sneak behind people? Hide behind objects?)
  • Once you're spotted, is hiding effective? Do enemies alert each other?
  • Any enemies with unique behavior when it comes to player detection?
  • Does difficulty matter?

Similar question of mine for BioShock 1: What stealth elements are there in BioShock?

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