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How do I start the Temple of Miraak quest in Skyrim Dragonborn?

I've recently added the Dragonborn DLC to my Skyrim (PS3). I setup a new character and went to Solstheim.

After doing a number of quests and discovering pretty much ever location on Solstheim I seem to have stalled on the main story line.

When I visit the Temple of Miraak I don't see/ meet Frea.

I've read elsewhere that if I travelled back to Skyrim some cultists would attack me, which would trigger the question. But I've spent about 8 hours back on Skyrim doing various quests - and still nothing has happened.

Has anyone else come across this issue and know how to trigger the Temple of Miraak quest?

I've got a good level 38 character who's built around stealth kills with the Bound Bow, and I'd hate to have to start again.

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