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Added full list of names and details about how they are selected

Who do the top scores refer to?

The top scoring players in Unikong can be (scores omitted as they don't seem relevant):

"JON", "RAR", "GBE", "KBR", "GBR", "JBU", "MCE", "JCH", "BCO", "OCO", "NCR", "GDA", "JDI", "BDU", "YEL", "AGA", "AGO", "MGR", "DHA", "JHA", "MHE", "BHO", "MHO", "NLA", "ALE", "TLI", "ALI", "SMA", "AMA", "MMC", "KMO", "BNI", "XNI", "CPE", "SPR", "JPU", "KRA", "DRO", "BRO", "JSH", "MSH", "KTH", "STR", "DWA", "AWA", "REX"

Inspecting the source of the game shows that "JON" is hard coded to be the top scorer and the remaining nine are randomly chosen from the list.

Are these "the trolls" mentioned in the ad?

Do these refer to community members / stack exchange employees, and if not, what do they refer to?

I suspect JON refers to Jon Skeet, one of the makers as well as the top contributor of all-time on Stack Overflow, but what about the others? They don't seem to refer to the other top contributors on SO or the moderators on SO. ALE may also refer to Adam Lear, one of the SE employees and developers of Unikong (mentioned in the credits)

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