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a first-person role-playing shooter and the sequel to the original Borderlands. Developed by Gearbox Software for PC, Playstation 3/4 and Xbox 360/One platforms. Players can play singleplayer or coop as one of 4 Vault Hunters (+2 extra DLC characters) in their quest to find the second Vault and stop Handsome Jack

I'm afraid there is not a method for guaranteeing the prefix of a quest reward gun (or any other part of it for that matter). Every aspect of the gun you receive is random, within a pool of allowable …
answered Nov 16 '18 by Roijan says reinstate Monica
The items in the loot train are always your level in UVHM, even if you've done the DLC at a lower level already. This is great because it means you can just stop by anytime and get some loot of your c …
answered May 20 by Roijan says reinstate Monica
With the release of the official Borderlands 2 Ultra HD Texture Pack, you can just download the free DLC and change the resolution in-game. The pack includes: Remastered 4K environment textur …
answered Jun 14 by Roijan says reinstate Monica
What I think you're describing is not being able to use the fast travel station at the happy pig motel in three horns divide. If that is the case, you'll need to complete the mission "No Vacancy" whic …
answered Dec 5 '17 by Roijan says reinstate Monica
Savage Lee will spawn every time you load up Three Horns Divide (after you complete and turn in the quest The Road to Sanctuary). This occurs whether or not he previously dropped an Unkempt Harold, …
answered Jun 15 by Roijan says reinstate Monica
Seraph crystals only drop from the Seraph Guardians in UVHM. Per the wiki: by killing Seraph Guardians in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode In the Scarlett DLC, those guardians are Hyperius and Master …
answered Mar 11 '18 by Roijan says reinstate Monica
You'll need to do the mission The Cold Shoulder (given by Scooter) in order to gain access to the Rat Maze. According to the wiki: Entry to the Rat Maze is barred on initial entry to the Fridge an …
answered Jul 15 by Roijan says reinstate Monica
You can use the surgery patient in Dr. Zed's office if you have not yet accepted the mission "Do no Harm." As long as you do not touch this mission, the surgery patient can be shot and will let you ga …
answered May 18 by Roijan says reinstate Monica
I have found no evidence of an area named "Bandit Freighter" in Southern Shelf. I started a new character just to be sure, and walked all over the Southern Shelf map. There were 4 and only 4 named are …
answered May 18 by Roijan says reinstate Monica