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Saas Ko'sah Shrine qualify I think. I'm not aware of any quest for it, although if I remember correcly, there's a character that give a hint about it in a stable. It is located and can be found by


Yes, those achievements can be achieved by you, if you play the level in co-op and your friend does not play the level according to the achievement criteria. I have tested this with my brother lately and it is also stated here. There, it also says that you could use local co-op (if you have a second controller) and use Player 2 to play the level normally ...


Yes, you can earn achievements while in Journey Mode. I'm not entirely sure if all of them are achievable, however I can confirm that I received a few achievements (Vehicular Manslaughter, Benched) from a Journey Mode world. I don't see any achievements specifically relating to Master Mode either, so I would imagine you can achieve everything in Journey Mode....


You must acess the beta version of update (you must participate the beta program of google play) and play the stage, there is this tower.


Fortunately, you don't need to go through all your games to find out which ones have achievements, and which ones don't. Go to your profile page and click on "Edit Profile". Under "Featured Showcase", choose "Achievement Showcase" if you haven't done so already, and click on any of the slots for the showcase. If you have another showcase currently active, ...


The Sunray is not broken, it's unavailable on Android, according to the wiki entry of the Sunray Tower. Hence the 'Sunburner!' achievement cannot be earned.

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