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The fourth instalment in the Age of Empires RTS series published by Microsoft. Only playable online with an Xbox Gamertag.

Age of Empires Online is a Real Time Strategy, Massively Multiplayer Online game initially developed by Robot Entertainment, but the development has since been taken over by Gas Powered Games. Like its series predecessors, it was published by Microsoft Studios. It was released on Aug 16, 2011 worldwide.

Players are able to download and access its basic content free of charge. If they wish to access the full game, however, payments are required. This premium portion of the game is divided into various packages, which can be purchased separately to allow players to customize their playing experience. For example some packages render the player the ability to access advanced technologies in each of the available civilizations, giving them an edge over PvE and PvP play.

As well as having the traditional RTS elements, the game also boasts the ability to equip your units with gear that enhances them in various ways, giving it a strong RPG flavour. For example, you can equip a bronze spear on your spearman that improves his damage by a certain percentage. The gear also shows up visually on the units that equip it during missions and PvP matches.