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Your vault is not synchronised in the cloud. Edit : since patch 1.2, it can be synchronized. You have to enable Cloud save for your Vault in the load screen like so: Manual backup If you want to reinstall the game without using the cloud save, you can first make a copy of your save file - it is located in /Android/data/com.bethsoft.falloutshelter/files/...


It looks like the game is called Rescue Wings (Android and iOS). I discovered this by cropping screenshot to get just the house, which lead me to the developers website.


Based on comments and many articles I have read, this is a common issue among Android and iPhones. The most common is your device may not be equipped with a Gyroscope. You can detect if your phone contains a Gyroscope via this app Sensor Kinetics (Android). I am not an Apple device owner, so I do not know any Apple version of the app. If your device is ...


This game is called: Mekorama You can download it here: Mekorama Play Store


It doesn't, so you'll have to update your system settings. On Android, the setting should be located somewhere like this, but might vary slightly depending on which phone you're using: Settings -> My Device -> Display -> Screen Timeout If your phone is like mine, you might find that the highest the inactivity timeout can be raised is to 10 minutes. If ...


This bug has been fixed as of the latest update, 0.51.0 Android/1.21.0 iOS The bug that caused incorrect vibration notifications has been fixed. According to this thread it is most likely a bug that causes vibrating whenever Nearby (not Sightings) list updates. Update: Niantic confirmed that it is a bug.


This is Leo's Fortune, available in the Google Play store.


Full disclosure: I am the author of the app I'm about to recommend. The link is below. Wakey is an Android app that is built to keep your screen on, on your terms. I've worked very hard to make it work well and be simple to use, and gives you lots of options which may improve battery life while using Pokemon Go. It works better than the "Battery Saver" mode ...


Two steps to "fix" this, although I admit it's a little bit of a hassle: Go to your android system settings, and change your display timeout to the longest you can find, usually either 10 minutes, 30 minutes or infinite, depending on your phone In the settings menu of Pokemon GO, activate the "battery saving" checkbox. In the battery savings mode, the app ...


The Zen garden is missing on Android. It's available on the PC and iOS versions.


This has been updated and fixed as of iOS version 1.25.0 and Android version 0.55.0. You are now able to play music in the app without having it get paused/shut off. From this article: The update brings an exciting feature Android users' ways, which lets them listen to music while they are playing the game. Players are reporting that the updated app does ...


I believe this is a classic question for community wiki. Here is the list (if you know another one, add it): Adventure Titles Wanderer Adventurer Arcade Titles Pinball Player Pinball Wizard Casual Titles Casual Games Master Music Titles Rock Star Puzzle Titles Puzzle Master Racing Titles Drift King Drift Master Role Playing Titles Wizard ...


This is an Android/iPhone game called Splash Cars. There aren't a lot of screen shots on the site above, but a Google Image search shows more: Google Image Search: Splash Cars


They are the same game. Unfortunately, Google doesn't allow free apps to turn into paid apps in the Play Store, so after the 24 hours were up, the promo version got pulled from the store and therefore won’t receive any updates. You can still opt for the paid version or use the demo version afterwards if you want to see the updates to the app. So basically ...


I had the same problem. The way I solved it was to go into my google account settings and allow for less secure apps to access my google account.


Purchases are specific to your account, not your device. No, you do not need to re-purchase Minecraft PE. If you switch to another mobile OS like iOS, you will of course need to purchase it again, though.


I have been able to do this with several different apps that play sounds, and this process seems to work. Start up your music player and start playing. (I don't know why you need to do this, and you might not have to, but in my experience it works better this way, so I do it.) Use the home button to get back to your home screen, and launch PO:GO. It will ...


On Android 4.1 and higher you can disable notifications for each app separately. Just go to Settings -> Apps and then select the correct app. There is a "Show notifications" checkbox in the top left, unchecking this will prevent the app from pushing notifications. Here is a screenshot of that screen, the "Show notifications" checkbox is right under the ...


Although tank doesn't look like the best vehicle, I found it very good to use in mountain level when all attributes are maxed.


Open the menu and go to Settings. Next to your name, there should be a big Sign Out button. Click that.


You cannot directly transfer your Clash of Clans account to a different G+ account without contacting Clash of Clan's support (not sure if they would even let you do this). Note: It is illegal per their Terms of Service to buy, sell, or trade villages. If you want that person to have access to your village, I would recommend dedicating a device of theirs ...


Generally speaking, no. Steam does not act as DRM or as a platform for mobile games. Some games may individually choose to grant a mobile copy if you already have a platform copy, but in my experience this traditionally doesn't happen. In this specific case, Lara Croft GO does not transfer between platforms. Buying a Steam copy will not allow you to play ...


To access the map in the mobile version of Carmageddon, swipe in from the left of the screen as detailed in the instructions at the start of the first race; This will bring up the in game map; To close the map, simply tap anywhere on screen.


To log out of an account in Steam for Android, you need to bring up the menu on the left side of the screen (either by pressing or buttons) and then go to "Settings". At the top right of the "Settings" screen there is a "Sign Out" button; Tapping sign out will log you out of the current Steam account.


AFAIK activating the Google backup functions should be enough. If you activate your new smartphone with the same Google account as the old one, it will sync the preferences of the apps that you've backed up with Google. EDIT: Apparently I was not completely right. According to this post


No, actually there isn't a way to see these stats or even if the upgrades consists of percentages, they might consist of points, we just don't know. I can tell you what the maximum level each upgrade goes to. Health: 5 Levels (So the 50 upgrades) Main Cannon: 4 Levels (40 upgrades) Wing Cannons: 5 Levels (50 upgrades) Magnet: 4 Levels (40 upgrades) ...


On iOS, Fallout Shelter save data does not survive an iPad device wipe. :( (I know this from personal experience.) A recent iTunes backup should save the day, however.


They are simply rarer. If you go through the objectives enough, using combination of skipping them and completing easy ones, you will eventually come across lunchbox objectives again.


Just use your login info. I'd be very surprised if it stores account data locally rather than on a server considering the nature of this game.

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