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Which mobile game featuring a red-roof cartoon house is this?

It looks like the game is called Rescue Wings (Android and iOS). I discovered this by cropping screenshot to get just the house, which lead me to the developers website.
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How do I get Pokémon Go to detect my phone's orientation?

Based on comments and many articles I have read, this is a common issue among Android and iPhones. The most common is your device may not be equipped with a Gyroscope. You can detect if your phone ...
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Android game showing a roboter on a windmill (which is built with Minecraft-like blocks)

This game is called: Mekorama You can download it here: Mekorama Play Store
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Is Pokemon Go supposed to keep your screen on?

It doesn't, so you'll have to update your system settings. On Android, the setting should be located somewhere like this, but might vary slightly depending on which phone you're using: Settings -> ...
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Pokemon Go vibrating too often since last update (0.49.1)

This bug has been fixed as of the latest update, 0.51.0 Android/1.21.0 iOS The bug that caused incorrect vibration notifications has been fixed. According to this thread it is most likely a bug ...
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Is Pokemon Go supposed to keep your screen on?

Full disclosure: I am the author of the app I'm about to recommend. The link is below. Wakey is an Android app that is built to keep your screen on, on your terms. I've worked very hard to make it ...
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GPS turns off when Android phone's display turns off while playing Pokemon Go

Two steps to "fix" this, although I admit it's a little bit of a hassle: Go to your android system settings, and change your display timeout to the longest you can find, usually either 10 minutes, 30 ...
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Why can't I play music or podcast while playing Pokemon Go?

This has been updated and fixed as of iOS version 1.25.0 and Android version 0.55.0. You are now able to play music in the app without having it get paused/shut off. From this article: The update ...
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What isometric Android game with trucks and houses is this?

This is an Android/iPhone game called Splash Cars. There aren't a lot of screen shots on the site above, but a Google Image search shows more: Google Image Search: Splash Cars
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Why can't I connect to Pokemon Go via mobile data?

I had the same problem. The way I solved it was to go into my google account settings and allow for less secure apps to access my google account.
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Do you have to re-purchase Minecraft Bedrock Edition on different Android phones?

Purchases are specific to your account, not your device. No, you do not need to re-purchase Minecraft PE. If you switch to another mobile OS like iOS, you will of course need to purchase it again, ...
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What is this first-person 3D mobile game shown on TikTok?

It appears to be a game called Flick Master 3D
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On android how can I have music player and Pokemon GO active at the same time?

I have been able to do this with several different apps that play sounds, and this process seems to work. Start up your music player and start playing. (I don't know why you need to do this, and you ...
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What is this first-person 3D mobile game shown on TikTok?

It's Flick Master 3d, the hand and graphics are the same:
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Unable to log in to Pokemon GO through mobile data but WiFi works

I've been experiencing the exact same problem and finally figured out what was causing this. Turned out I had disabled Google Play Store from using background data when not on WiFi, enabling this ...
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Can I play an Android game I own on Steam?

Generally speaking, no. Steam does not act as DRM or as a platform for mobile games. Some games may individually choose to grant a mobile copy if you already have a platform copy, but in my ...
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How do I transfer my Pokemon Go account to another device (Android to Android)?

Just use your login info. I'd be very surprised if it stores account data locally rather than on a server considering the nature of this game.
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Using same account in two phones

Yes you can and none is kicked out. I have configured it currently on both of my Android phones. The data is saved on the server, and syncs after some time in cases where you catch a Pokemon on one ...
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Can a pokemon go plus pair with multiple phones?

As stated on Pokémon Go Plus Support, in order to use Pokémon Go Plus an another device, you need to unpair with the device it is currently linked to. Troubleshooting Unpairing Pokémon GO Plus from ...
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How to prevent Pokemon GO from keeping my screen on?

While there is no option to have your phone turn itself off or lock the screen automatically while the app is open, there is a battery saver option in the game. It will have the game turn the screen ...
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GPS turns off when Android phone's display turns off while playing Pokemon Go

It's inherent to Android that GPS turns off when the screen's off as well, to save power. There are however multiple apps that will allow you to circumvent this limitation, such as Tasker and others.
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Pokemon Go paw glitch

I noticed this too. It could be a bug in the game that causes the GPS to be inaccurate with the paw prints. A Growlithe showed up near me, allowing me to capture it, but my grid says 3 paw prints for ...
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Why can't I connect to Pokemon Go via mobile data?

Try creating a new account using Pokemon Trainer Club. There seems to be a routing problem for the google login servers affecting only a small unknown set of people. Although this means you will ...
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Anyone else not getting bonus XP for "Nice!", "Great!" or "Excellent!" throws?

As per Niantic, they have alleged that this is a bug See:
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What does the Super Nitrous do in CSR Racing 2?

From my experience with these kind of racing games on mobile devices it is almost assured that this super nitrous boost is not permanent and only lasts a short amount of time. I couldn't tell you the ...
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"Unable to authenticate" error while trying to create a Pokemon GO account

There a few reasons why you can be getting this error. Here's some of them, and potential fixes: According to Niantic (the game makers): You may receive the “failed to log in” or “unable to ...
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How can I connect my wireless Xbox 360 controller to my Galaxy Tab 3 8.4?

The answer you linked is giving the instructions for people to copy a KeyLayout file (Vendor_045e_Product_0291.kl) to another file (Vendor_045e_Product_0719.kl), so that the Operating System can match ...'s user avatar
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In kleptocats, what is the mighty alien race that the collectible refers to?

That symbol is the Irken Army logo from Invader Zim. As seen here.
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Pokémon go won't start on mobile data

Check to see if 'Restrict app background data' is turned on. To do that for an individual app: Go to Settings -> Apps -> [The App] -> Data Usage There is a little slider that says 'Restrict app ...
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Pokemon Go can't be downloaded on Android 4.4

It could be that your phone really isn't compatible. Pokemon Go's system requirements are as follows: Android Android 6 or above Preferred resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels (not optimized for tablet) ...
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