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What is the best way to expose a ship's powder stores?

I've tried with heat shot, it takes a lot of damage, but in close range. After the second hit, it show the weak point for the small weapon. At least this helped me with Man-o-war ships.
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What do the exclamation marks with red borders mean on the Boston map?

Based on the below Youtube video, it's a courier mission. This also matches your description of a person in civilian clothes running. You can see the icon at about 35 seconds.
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What do the exclamation marks with red borders mean on the Boston map?

An exclamation mark indicates the main story-line mission. Once you go there you'll see a marker and this will either start you on a new mission or it acts as a checkpoint if you are already in a ...
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Can I add "Tyranny of King Washington" to Assassin's Creed 3

All 3 parts of the King Washington content are included in the season pass, so if you can find that you'll have everything you want, in addition to: The Hidden Secrets Pack It includes three ...
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What do I do about a caravan that is being attacked?

So once your caravan has been attacked, you need to defend it in the frontier. It will be marked by a sheild icon, and you must kill the redcoats there. When it happened to me, I didn't know this ...
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When does the Tyranny of King Washington take place?

I would say Washington never deployed the attack on Connor's Village. This would have meant Connor's mother never died and Connor would never have had that motive to leave the village (seeking answers ...
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When does the Tyranny of King Washington take place?

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a clear answer to either of your questions, but I will do my best to address each of them based on the information I was able to find. 1) How far back does ...
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Cannot buy stockpile items anymore – even if they are available!

I figured out the answer and you will not like it. IT IS A GLITCH. I call it the OCD/Hoarder Glitch. I was trying to craft all items (without shipping off for money) and figured out the issue. SOURCE ...
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