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In Battlefield 3 what can slowly damage my tanks?

This is a normal feature of the game: when your vehicle's health is below a certain amount (depending on the vehicle, and on server parameters), it is taking damage until it reaches 0%, or until it is ...
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Battlefield 3 Punk buster ban

Punkbuster uses UUID (Universally unique identifier) and the bans are HWID (Hardware ID) bans. In practice, this means that the hardware inside your PC is banned. Not your IP or account. However, what ...
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How can I quickly rank up in Battlefield 3?

It depends on what you're trying to do; if you want your player weapons ranked up go play Team Death Match. If you're wanting to level up your tanks, helicopters, and other vehicles, play Conquest or ...
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Getting Battlefield raw weapon data

Symthic provided the data files for Battlefield 4 (but the actual link to the data appears to be dead). I don't think you can I think it is not possible to get RAW gamedata of Battlefield 4. You ...
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