MOAB RBE (Red Bloon Equivalent) is 616. BFB RBE is 3164. ZOMG RBE is 16656. Sometimes it differs from game to game but these are the excepted numbers because it applies to the most amount of versions of the game. You can read the rest of the information here: http://bloons.wikia.com/wiki/Bloon_Types


I can assure you that a 2|4 Technological Terror is stronger than a 0|4. The left sided upgrades will affect its popping power no matter what. Same goes for the Ray Of Doom. A 4|0 Ray Of Doom can't and will not pop all bloons. A Ray Of Doom cannot pop lead bloons if it does not have the Depleted Bloontonium Darts upgrade on the right side. Every upgrade ...


No you can't. On the wiki it says: Fast Forward does not exist in Bloons TD Battles, probably due to the fact that players can lag their opponents with this and win Medallions for free. And as annoying as it may be to not be able to fast forward if they added it there will always be people who will cheat using this. Source: BTD Wiki - trivia section


Start with a Ninja Monkey. Get more Ninjas but upgrade to 2/1 if you need to. Then wait to get a Bomb Tower and upgrade to 0/1 for grouped bloons and/or a 1/2 Sniper Monkey for camo leads. Save up money (don't send bloons), unless you have a little money left. I also recommend putting a Spike Factory at the end of the track, so it can build up spikes and ...


It is a special game mode called Bananza only available on Steam or mobile, not the online flash (which is the one that you might be playing). The mobile version has special Club Arenas where special rules may apply depending on the game mode. Bananza's rules are: start with 500 eco instead of the regular 250, sending bloons give twice as much eco, and ...


You get medallions for winning; the more battles you play, the more games you'll win, and so the more medallions you'll get. You only get medallions for winning though, any losses don't help you at all.


Abilities will be activated by towers in the order in which you place them.

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