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Green logic fault in Braid

This is a good question, and brings out a few of the subtleties of the visual clues in this game. Notice that the hunt registers for the monsters appear in two places: Small ones on the door in the ...
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What's the purpose of this holey wall?

It's related to one of the hidden stars in the game:
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Green logic fault in Braid

Technically speaking, the checkboxes on the door do not need to be there at all. Everything is calculated using the HUD at the top, so all 6 monsters need to be killed without being revived in order ...
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Trying to solve world 3: A Tingling, but can't access 8x time reverse

Along with the commentors, I can confirm that tapping the Down arrow will move you back in time, and tapping the Up arrow will move you forward. (As long as you are holding down the Shift, you can ...
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