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Tactical stance in COD MW3 - is there RL equivalent?

There is a stance called C.A.R.(abbreviation for Center Axis Relock) system - which nowadays called 360° CQD(close-quarter defense) - that focuses on close range combat, that is used by US army, ...
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Steam Share not giving me access to one of the games

As per the Family Sharing FAQ: Can all Steam games be shared with friends and family? No, due to technical limitations, some Steam games may be unavailable for sharing. For example, titles that ...
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How do I use the Undermounted Shotgun attachment for assault rifles?

Default key for PC is b: it shows up when you select the weapon.
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Can I download updates from another computer and then transfer it?

I actually came across the same problem and tried to do this. It will not work unless you have enough hard drive space on your notebook to download the ENTIRE game. You can not simply download ...
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PS4 Pro - Fan goes extremely loud, but air is not hot - I've tried everything

I've moved on and got rid of it. The PS4 is a terrible machine. I've moved over two rooms and my girlfriend still was not able to hear the tv. Plus I could not hear the games with an over-ear headset. ...
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does the game make it easier to get gold camo once you already got it

You do not lose any of your unlocked camos when you prestige. If you do prestige, you will still have all of your unlocked camos for each weapon
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Why do multiple people get muted? (MW3)

Well from the information that screenshot gives us we know that they are the only two players ingame with mics connected and both of them are muted. We know that they are the only players with ...
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How do I level up guns?

You can level up your guns by completing their challenges in multiplayer games. Challenges are usually a certain amount of kills or headshots (Rifles, Pistols) or plain kills (Grenades, Knife, ...
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Modern Warfare 3 gamemode glitch

(This is one of the reasons for your problem. There might be others.) This could be a cheater lobby. Those guys can make a real mess out of the game. I strongly advise to not stay in such lobbies as ...
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Do the rank emblems from other CoD games in Modern Warfare 3 still update regularly?

From the OP (originally posted as a comment): I [have] seen the change on there today so I guess that this takes a few hours to collect the info and show it on MW3.

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