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How do I get 200.6% map completion?

In addition to the maps provided in the accepted answer from user9983, I'd like to add a few bits of information, as well as a tip, all of which I hope helps players out in getting a full 200.6% map ...
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Why does the Metroidvania genre refer to Symphony of the night, rather than Simon's quest?

Because Symphony of the Night is considered by many to be the definitive Castlevania experience and an exemplary game of the Metroidvania genre. While some of the elements that are considered to be ...
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How do I get into the Inverse Castle?

You need beat Richter in Dracula's Throne Room (where Richter fought him at the start) by To do this you first need to find two Rings The Silver Ring found in the Royal Chapel The Gold Ring found in ...
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How do I get into the Inverse Castle?

Skeleton Ape barrels can destroy wooden planks. The wooden floor isn't an exit, but an entrance into a new area. Lure the DK impostor close to it and let it release its barrel.
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What are the stats of Dracula (final boss, Symphony of the Night)?

The Wiki says that Dracula has 9999 HP, while Shaft has 1300.
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Does the story of LoS integrates with the rest of the franchise?

Simply put, the Lord of Shadows series doesn't integrate with the rest of the series. It was a series reboot. Lament of Innocence is the origin story of Dracula in the original series. Just like ...
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