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Solution: Just started a new game. Save data was likely corrupted on the previous one.


Unfortunately, since macOS Catalina released, crossplay between Windows and Mac is no longer possible. Due to Apple's changing ecosystem with macOS Catalina, we updated Civilization V to continue to work on modern systems. Unfortunately, these changes mean crossplay between macOS and Windows will no longer be compatible. We do our best to provide the ...


you can pledge to protect City-State without the Gods & Kings expansion. The mechanic changed for the expansion however, now allowing you to pledge to protect city states immediately, while before it required you to at least be friends with the city state before you are allowed to. For some reason, the AI is still allowed to pledge city states right away,...


Do you literally have to have an iron mine for EVERY SINGLE unit which requires iron? Basically, yes. That's how Civ 5 handles strategic resources. In Civ 5, strategic resources work like a population cap: The amount of resources dictates how many of a unit you can have at any time. You'll get the resource back once the unit that needs it dies, or changes ...

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