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How do I run Command and Conquer Generals (Zero Hour) in windowed mode via Origin?

The best way is to use GenPatcher by Legionnaire. It will patch the game for windows 10/11 etc and create shortcuts for windowed mode. If you don't want to do that: Navigate to "C:\Program Files\...
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How can I set a widescreen resolution?

Or you can modify shortcut path. Something like this (for full hd resolution): "C:\Program Files\EA Games\Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour\generals.exe" -win -xres 1920 -yres 1080 you can ...
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How can I run "Command & Conquer: Generals – Zero Hour" on Windows 7?

Following the instructions on worked for me. I already had the latest drivers and I installed C&C Generals and Zero Hour. Then (these are I think the most important parts): Try ...
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Technical Difficulties Running C&C Generals/Zero Hours on Windows 8.1

Just go to the Documents, look for Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data. There you can find the options.ini: edit it or if not, just create it using notepad. Copy the following in it: ...
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How can I set up the Origin Store version of Command & Conquer: Generals to run a full HD?

I know it's probably too late since you asked. But I know simple solution. Just download the patch that fixes problems with the game, such as setting the resolution, optimizing the game, repair ...
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Red, Green, Blue Layer in CuC Generals

The annoying color layer went away after setting "BuildingOcclusion" in options.ini to "no". That is the config key used by the graphic setting menu for the checkbox "Behind Buildings". That options....
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Do Strategy Center bonus apply to non US units?

Yes, they do. In fact they even have stacked bonuses if you capture multiple SCs. Sad truth is that only an AI will allow you to capture a Strategy Center or any buildings for that matter :)
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