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How do I run Commodore 64 games on classicreload.com?

The website seems misconfigured. Just use the games at the Internet Archive.
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In Bard's Tale 3 (for the Commodore 64), sometimes I am attacked with the message "phazing her". What does this mean?

"Phazing" is just flavor text, like "draining." It appears to actually be a different damage type in the game, named next to 'critical-hit,' etc, however it does not have any additional effects. The ...
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Lords of Midnight (8 bit version) - did anyone complete it? If so, how?

The game is completable in 10 days, using Farflame to destroy the Ice-Crown. If you head through the Downs of Mirrow, there is a long run of Liths which have the cup of dreams, which will allow Morkin ...
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