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Well great! There is now a setting in CoD:M. In game push the very tiny gear icon. Then on the top across all the tabs there is one called "Controller". (you might have to drag the tabs to the left to see it.) The invert options are in there.


I found a solution that works for the backbone and maybe any controller. On iOS 14.6 you can use the iOS settings app to invert the Y Axis for any game. This works for the Backbone and general controllers. Attach the Backbone. Or Connect your controller. On your iOS device's open the Settings app. Touch the "General" option. Scroll down a little ...


It turns out the issue is with Teamspeak. I happened to close TS while the controller was in its "connected to the receiver, but not recognized by Windows" state and that allowed Windows to recognize it. Adding Teamspeak to my searches for the problem led me to the linked thread and the fix. The issue is apparently something to do with the way ...


I have just found this about the joycon light :- Tue 10th Sep 2019 On your right-hand Joy-Con and your Pro Controller, you'll notice that the HOME button has a ring around the edge. As you may or may not already be aware, that ring is actually an LED light; we've seen it light up before but only when a Pro Controller connects to Steam. Starting from today, ...

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