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I don't think Steam enables such feature, unless the game itself has a account system itself (such as some MMORPGs)


If it's wired, you should only have to unplug it.


You can rest your controller. You can go to the settings and reset your controls to default. Or y-axis reset the controller.


The way I get mine to work is to go into the sound settings and 'disable' the controller for both microphone and speakers, this always resolves the issue for me, hope this helps!


The Rhino ones are the older, rebranded Saitek HOTAS. They're no longer made, which is why they're more expensive. The newer one (non-rhino) also fixes some issues with the older model.


There is probably a setting to invert the Y-axis in the options menu. I do not have Fortnite, so I cannot check it, but many other games do have it. Toggle this setting, and it should be normal again.


All the Wii U consoles have their corresponding color of Stylus. The White Wii U comes with a White Stylus while the black Wii U comes with a kind of Matte Black Stylus. Even the Zelda one have this Matte Black Stylus. Source: (This site is in Spanish but you ...


XBOX 360 Controller to Mayflash Universal Ultimate Adapter (XB018) to Brook Super Converter(bluetooth/usb) PS3/PS4 to PS2/PS1 Adapter to Game Elements PS2 to Original Xbox Converter. According to Mayflash the XB018 Adapter doesn't work with a Microsoft Receiver so wired only, but could try. The PS3 & PS4 wireless controllers do work fine on the ...

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