The Diablo wiki contains a page dedicated to terms and acronyms of Diablo III. The page can be viewed here. An uber list of abbreviations, acronyms, and other terms specifically related to Diablo III. To streamline it, this list has been purged of general online chat acronyms and terms. Those can be found in the Diablo 2 version of this list elsewhere in ...


Diablo 3 on PC does not have controller support. Blizzard has stated several times that they are not planning to add this in the future. While you are certainly free to ask again, Blizzard has repeatedly said they have no plans to add controller support to the PC. (source) Most likely, your controller is working fine on PC. You can test the buttons in ...


As the hydra counts as pet and pets can be buffed while already summoned, they can also grow weaker if the buff runs out. So in your example, if the hydra is summoned with 25 stacks and you drop back to 20 stacks, the hydra now has 20% fire damage boost instead of 25%. But if you now get back up to 25 stack, they hydra has 25% damage boost again.

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