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At the end of the temple after clearing it, you're supposed to find the 2nd sword fragment of the stranger (exactly where you're standing on your screenshot). After taking it, you're supposed to bring it back to Deckard Cain in New Tristram. Here's a site that lets you check every step of The Broken Blade quest. If there wasn't the sword fragment in Drowned ...


Elective mode doesn't allow me to bind regular attack to the left mouse button, but there is a way. Reassign whatever your left mouse button attack is to to right mouse button and the left will default back to regular attack. You can then change your right mouse button attack to what you actually want it to be. :-)


That's not specific to this build, that's general advice. In end-game content in Greater Rifts, these are the most dangerous damage types. Physical This includes the Khazra Spear-throwers, whose projectiles may be hard to spot in the chaos of all the special effects, while still taking out a huge chunk of your health pool. A more fragile build attempting to ...

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