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I know exactly what you're asking. And the answer is DO NOT USE EMERALD FOR FOLLOWERS WEAPON. Use a gem for their base stats or pure damage. Templar can use both weapon and shield slot for 2 gem sockets, so use both RUBIES for him. For your Scoundrel and Enchantress use Ruby inside their weapons. This will increase pure damage stats. Emeralds do not work ...


According to this "Aegis of Valor Heaven's Fury Crusader" guide best stats for your rings are: Socket Critical Hit Chance Critical Hit Damage Area Damage And this is what this guide says about CDR: Heaven's Fury Crusaders are heavily Cooldown-dependent, so try to your best to reach a 60%+ CDR point in your sheet to ease the strain on your ...


It only spawns in the room with two entrances perpendicular to each other. If you do not see this room, then reset the level and try again.

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