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A survival game based upon crafting with simple combat and exploration and an unusual, creepy, 'pencil-art' graphics style.

Don't Starve is a survival game which takes place in a strange world after the protagonist has been unwittingly transported there by Maxwell (a demonic overlord who takes a human guise).

The game currently has two expansion packs:

as well as a co-op multiplayer mode - Don't Starve Together - that was released to all players for free after the Early Access period. You should tag questions related to this mode with

The game begins with the character waking up in the new world, and being taunted by Maxwell that they ought to find something to eat before nightfall.

At this point, they have no possessions and a limited set of skills. They then proceed to hunt and gather resources present within their new world, and attempt to craft these items into stronger and more powerful items.

The game features: simple combat; mobs of varying levels of hostility and utility; magic; cave exploration; seasonal changes; and even a separate Adventure Mode.

After starting with Wilson, a scientist who is largely the face of the game, through experience gains or completion of certain tasks, players can unlock additional characters with which to play. Each character has their own strengths, weaknesses, and personalities that add new dimensions to game play.

While the game allows you to save progress throughout, it features a permadeath system in which when a character dies, progress reverts back to Day 1 and the saved game is immediately deleted.

The game also has an active modding community which has created numerous add-ons ranging from language packs to interface changes, and even a few new adventures.

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