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How do I switch modes on DOSBox?

TLDR: The executable file for the game isn't compatible with the format that DOS understands, thus it can't run. You can't run the game from DOSBox because it isn't compatible with DOS. Why? I'll ...
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How can I launch a modern game with DOSBox

You (probably) cannot. DOSBox is for an era of games that are around Windows 98 or earlier. Basically games that do not use any of the OS layer of modern operating system (we're talking about ...
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Is it possible to run games in Dosbox with a better scaler / filter than the ones available in vanilla dosbox?

DOSBox ECE (Enhanced Community Edition) adds normal4x, normal5x, and normal6x scalers, as well as a surfacepp output mode which does scaling automatically. (These modes all give you the pixelated ...
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Why I have a negative income in Powerhouse Windows 3.1 game?

This might be a bug because: When connecting pumps and refinery using the pipes this doesn't occur. (game may expect to use only the pipes / auto deliveries) It looks like a variable overflow. The ...
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Can't run Captive emulation

I find that the blinking cursor issue goes away when you choose EGA instead of VGA as the game is starting ("Please select your video mode" > 2). The game also feels a lot smoother. I'm not sure how ...
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How can I press the # key in a DOSBox game?

I had a similar issue for M.A.X. (Mechanized assault & exploration), and found a pretty weird workaround for typing keys using alt-gr under Dosbox, in-game. Press & hold ctrl Press & hold ...
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Portable DOSBox machine

There are many ways to achieve what you're asking but let's look at the quickest (& cheapest) to set up: A laptop/notebook An X-input controller (Xbox 360/One, or ones based on the same standard)...
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Saving on DOSBox

Try updating the SAVE/ZORK1.DAT file attributes so it is not read-only. This fixed it for me.
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Quest for Glory 3 honey issues

Just needed to hit the map marker from the North side! South side won't work. Turns out this is only for healing items anyway - not needed for dispel potion.
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Dosbox gets muted when not focused

The only workaround I got is by playing with the priority option. Back then I had it in: priority=higher,normal Setting this to highest,highest would try to make the game work generally (with ...
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Ultimate Doom (Doom Classic) from Steam cannot start on windows 8

From the OP's edit on their question: The trick was to set: fulldouble=false It now works.
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Sound works but no music?

A set of dosbox.conf settings which I can confirm works are those shipped with the GOG copy of the game. [sblaster] sbtype=sb16 sbbase=220 irq=7 dma=1 hdma=5 sbmixer=true oplmode=auto oplemu=default ...
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Mouse jumps around when using DOSBOX

For anyone running Windows 10 who didn't have luck with the existing suggestions, using the DOSBox SVN-Daum menu option "Video/Driver/Restart DOSBox with DirectX Driver Only" worked for me. I've also ...
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