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Can I tell what wifi strength I have when creating matches?

The "wifi signal" is latency between the players and you. This game (as do most fighting games) uses peer to peer connection, which means your latency is always going to be 0 for yourself and the same ...
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Dragon Ball FighterZ character DLC options

According to the eShop page, FighterZ Edition includes the original game and FighterZ Pass, and Ultimate Edition includes the original game, FighterZ Pass, Anime Music Pack (11 songs from the Anime) ...
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Whats the Blue Square in Dragonball Fighters Z?

Square colors mean win rate. Blue is the worst win rate possible. While white square mean not enough information, rest are like this: blue > green > dark green > yellow > red > orange > pink
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What does 5LL mean in DBFZ?

It basically means that you miss the first and hit the next. Same with triple, you miss the first two, but land the third. To clarify: Simply stand just out of reach to miss the first 5L but hit the ...
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What is the difference between the different kinds of blocks?

There are some specifics when it comes to blocking. You have your usual standing block (just holding back), it will block mid attacks and overhead attacks, but won't block low attacks. And you have ...
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Dragon Ball FighterZ Limited Edition Code not working

No, unfortunately DLC is always region-specific. This is true for all recent consoles, not just Nintendo. For a PlayStation account, it's possible to create a new account for the DLC's region, after ...
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Why do my Dragon Rushes sometimes result in no damage?

A Dragon Rush is basically the throw of this game, and works similarly to other games. In Street Fighter for example, if you think your opponent will throw, you can hit throw as well and the throw ...
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Who is the composer for DBFZ?

Looking over the game credits, I found the composers are: Toshiyuki Kishi Hiromi Mizutani Kenji Katoh Reno
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