A 2016 First Person Shooter with RPG elements that is developed and published by Battlestate Games.

Escape From Tarkov (often abbreviated to EFT) is a 2016 multiplayer first person shooter that also has RPG elements, such as a leveling system.

Players find themselves in the post-conflict area called Tarkov in the fictional Norvinsk region somewhere between Russia and Europe. Prior to entering a game, the player selects a map to explore and survive in. The player can choose to play as their PMC character (either an ex-USEC or BEAR PMC) or as a "Scav." Other players, as well as AI, can pose a threat to the player in game. The goal is to obtain loot found within the maps to progress ones character financially and to earn experience to level up.

General Information

  • Release Date
    • Closed Alpha: August 4th, 2016
    • Closed Beta: July 27th, 2017 (still active)
  • Developer: Battlestate Games
  • Publisher: Battlestate Games