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Instead tfc, I just get close enough and check if it's the right ID with openactorcontainer 1 ; you'll want that open anyway if you're going to recycle them. I'd try enable and disable, or dismissing them and completing the quest w/o them (or just drag them around with Companion whistle) and then try again, before I tried resetai or recycleactor, both of ...


Open the console (` key) Enter the command tfc to move the camera separately from the player. Leave the console Move the camera (with the wasd keys) over to deacon Enter the console again Click on deacon Enter the command recycleactor Enter the command tfc to move the camera back to the player Close the console

3 This seemed to be my problem. I only had a blue screen once, after following someone's advice on a comment to disable CC items. Disabling weapon debris in the graphics settings fixed it.


Disclaimer: This is essentially a repost of my answer to a duplicate question. @Adam's answer is correct. Loading times are indeed tied to the framerate for some weird reason. Fortunately, we now have mods that uncap the framerate during loading screens and restore the cap during gameplay. There is no longer a need to choose between fast loading times and ...


It's a well known issue related to poor coding. The solution is to install a mod, such as great acceleration of loading times or load accelerator. What's happening is that loading is somehow tied to your framerate, and the framerate is limited to 60 FPS. You could unlock the framerate to fix this issue, but the game's physics engine does very poorly with ...


I had to get rid of all four Rising City mods, Unique NPCs / Monsters, and (I don't see it there but, sparingly use Awesome Follower Tweaks to make new followers). Most of those would cause memory related CTDs all by themselves, but after uninstalling them I no longer have save bloat problems. If a save game CTDs on loading it, check if the save file is ...


The regular Lab Coat (+2 INT) can be found in the following locations: Anne Hargraves sells one if she is assigned to a clothing store. A lab coat can be obtained if one is given the lab assistant job during the Cambridge Polymer Labs quest. Patricia Montgomery at Covenant wears one. Tinker Tom sells an armored lab coat. Doc Crocker's lab ...


You can get the Vault-Tec lab coat in Vault 111 from one of the dressers in the sleeping quarters behind the overseer's desk.


This might have been added later.. but you can get the Vault tec lab coat in Vault 111 in one of the dressers in the sleeping quarters behind the overseers desk.

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