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I needed a quest for extinguishing 21 vault fires so I put all my top leveled and most powerful dwellers in a Nuka Cola Station and I got fires 100% of the time. I don't know why this is but it's the method that seemed to work so I won't question it.. (Keep in mind it was 6 dwellers all with almost maxed special but their levels ranged from 11 to 48.) It ...


Based on what I've read scrounging around the internet, it appears that the answer is no, Bottle and Cappy do not affect wasteland events. From Section 20.9 (How do random quests with explorers work?) of therabidsquirel's The Fallout Shelter FAQ: As explorers do their thing they can stumble upon random quests...Discovering them is real time and you have to ...


My first vault was 117, it started good but became a hellhole with resources. I do 1 and 0 now, they never fail... 1 is better, usually. 3 power armor, one at game start in vault 1.

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