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Disk install currently stuck on "Install Progress: 34%" for a day now after prologue

When you insert a disc the installation data comes directly from the disc itself, the PS4 will usually start to download the latest update automatically and at the same time that the game is ...
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How come I can't cross Kyrat using the buzzer?

From what I remember when I played this game, the Buzzer has a maximum altitude that it can reach. Once it surpasses this altitude, it will set off an alarm to warn the player that it is about to ...
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What are efficient ways of killing heavies quickly?

I say the best method is Rock Bait and C4 explosive. Sticking a bow up a heavy from behind causing a headshot is too difficult. I did it before but it took a long time to do so. The c4 will cause some ...
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Far Cry 4 Disc Install Issue

If you have registered your game with Uplay, you can download the game and all updates through your Uplay desktop console. It takes a while, but if you cannot install with the disks, like me, download ...
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Weapons aren't unlocked even after completing all Bell Towers

This is a not-uncommon bug with Far Cry 4. Sometimes completing collectibles won't award the achievement or weapon it was intended to. In my playthrough I wasn't able to collect the achievement for ...
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Secret Fort Entrances in Far Cry 4

From the Wiki: Pagan's Fort: "Feel like avoiding the front courtyard entirely? From the main gate, turn left and take the dirt path to the northwest, ...
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Farcry 4 - How do I use hand signals (Salute, etc)

You are looking for the Coop menu button. It is bound to 'V' by default. The binding can be changed by going to 'Keyboard and Mouse' (or Controller I suppose), then 'Customize controls' in the options....
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Do player change factions in Farcry 4 after receiving

The Golden Path is leading a revolution in Kyrat. When dealing with the leader of the old regime, you've got two choices. Choice one is killing him, and choice two is sending him off to exile. In ...
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How do you get drops from spectators in the Arena? (Far Cry 4)

Also. I've noticed that if you're low on ammo (The gun you have equipped is near empty), low on medkits (Don't have exactly 4 medkits total at the moment), or don't have exactly all 4 guns in your ...
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What are efficient ways of killing heavies quickly?

Another way to kill a heavy would be to use fire arrows with the recurve bow. This only requires one shot and the heavy will burn to death. If you manage your cover properly you can stay hidden and ...
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What is "Mom's Letter" and should I sell it?

You can read it before the end of the game (anytime, not just at the end of the game). All you have to do is go to where you sell your items in your loot bag, and go to "Mom's Note" and it tells you ...
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Icons not appearing on map?

Check in the map options that all the icon are checked. This means they’ll show up on the map. If they are and they still don’t show up make sure you have all the maps.
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Does Far Cry 4 need any bandwidth?

Though the majority of the game will be installed, forum posts such as this (from 2016) suggest that: the version that comes on the DVD's is outdated by almost 2 years and that and many of ...
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