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Questions about the history of games, conventions, customs, traditions and gaming terms, and how they have developed over time.

is more than just the study of the past. Rather, it is the process of recording, reconstructing, and interpreting the past using sources. The history of games can give insight into both the present and the past. Although it may not specifically help someone play a game, it is still an important topic that deserves mention.

An ideal question will usually begin with the word why or the word how. If your question begins with when or who, check to make sure your question is not easily answered using a Google search or Wikipedia page. If the question does not require interpretation of sources to answer, it is likely simply a question about finding sources - a question that is asking other people to do your research for you. These questions aren't bad per se, but do not invite as high-quality answers as why or how questions.

Try to avoid questions that are easily answered using a Google or Wikipedia search. To accomplish this, do your own research! If the question is easily answerable, you will likely be able to find the answer yourself. If you cannot find the answer yourself, then the question is alright to ask.