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How does the Luck stat work in Golden Sun?

According to Golden Sun wikia: Luck is the statistic that determines a character's chance of being inflicted by a status inflicting problem attached to an ability used against you, such as Sleep and ...
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After using a Summon that ends the fight, does the party member still increase their elemental power?

No. The fight ends, so, there's no need to increase the character's elemental power. Have in mind that this elemental power boost is in effect only during the fight, so, when the fight is over this ...
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Does "Mortal Danger" work on Deadbeard?

Yes, it works on bosses, but No, it does not work on Deadbeard. The "Luck" stat acts as Status resistance. Having more of it makes you less susceptible to being affected by them. (You may be ...
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What carries over into ng+?

Quoting from https://goldensun.fandom.com/wiki/Password : The Gold password is obscenely long, weighing in at 260 characters. Although this will be a pain to write down and fill in correctly, it does ...
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