It is simply called T-Rex or T-Rex Runner in the source code, and doesn't seem to have an official name. As it is an Easter Egg, it is likely it will never get one unless or until it is officially acknowledged. The patch with this change also doesn't seem to name it, it simply refers to a bug which is not available to view.


It's sometimes called the downasaur. I don't know if it was originally his name, but some google folks seem to call it that way nowadays :D See here: https://developers.google.com/web/progressive-web-apps/ Reliable - Load instantly and never show the downasaur, even in uncertain network conditions.


To just put an answer here, assuming that the jack on the waste is indeed the last card in the stock, it's a bug. Klondike Solitaire is played with one full deck of cards consisting of 52 cards, A to K of 4 suits. In that screenshot above, you have 11 cards on the Foundations, 1 card in the Waste, and 32 cards on the tableau, which totals to 44 cards.


Just download and install the Android app from the Play Store. It is not yet officially mentioned in the list of supported OSs, but it works. The list of supported controllers are much more limited for Android: only Steamlink controller itself and the Microsoft XBox One S controller are supported.


I had that happen on 4 of them. Im guessing since I now have 3 stars on all the levels and only got 3 of the chrome dimensions unlocked but all the chrome icons are gone because I failed the level when I got those icons and I haven't found another way to get them... yup we've missed out. I now have to wait for new friends to join before I get any new levels ...

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