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A vertically-scrolling shooter by CAVE, based on Japanese folklore. Released in arcades in 1999, and on Xbox 360 in 2010.

A vertically-scrolling shooter by CAVE, based on Japanese folklore. Released in arcades in 1999, and digitally on Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360 in 2010.


Set in a fantastical version of Japan's Muromachi period where magic is real and demons walk the land, the story follows the journey of three protagonists as they seek to liberate themselves from the curse of the "shikigami." Shikigami are spirits that possess a mortal human, granting them great power, but also causing their host's death after one year. A legend states that by obtaining five elemental talismans and destroying the enigmatic Guwange-sama on Mount Gokumon, one may end the curse of the shikigami.


  • Shishin, an enigmatic man wearing an oni mask. His Shot is narrow, but will curve as the player moves from side to side. His shikigami is Rikiou.
  • Kosame, a shrine maiden. Her Shot is narrow, but her movement speed is the fastest. Her shikigami is Yatsuhisha.
  • Gensuke, a pharmacist-in-training and bounty hunter. His Shot is wide and can pierce through solid objects, but his movement speed is slow. His shikigami is Kirinmaru.


Like many of CAVE's shooters, Guwange is a "bullet hell" style game, featuring large swarms of bullets to dodge as the player progresses through the game's six stages. In addition to the player's standard Shot weapon, the player also can control the separate "shikigami" character by holding down the Shot button. When active, the shikigami damages nearby enemies and slows down nearby bullets. When an enemy is destroyed, any slowed bullets that are nearby will be converted into coins.

The scoring system consists of a chain meter that depletes continuously, and is refilled by killing enemies with Shot, or damaging large enemies with the shikigami. While slowing bullets with the shikigami, the chain meter drains much slower. To obtain the highest scores, it's necessary to keep the chain meter up without dropping it for the entire length of the game, all the while earning as many coins and possible and taking as little damage as possible.

General Information

  • Release Date: June 24, 1999 (Arcade), November 10, 2010 (Xbox 360)
  • Developer: CAVE (Arcade), 5pb. (Xbox 360)
  • Publisher: Atlus (Arcade)