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It absolutely has everything to do with timing. Keep in mind that though the PS1 was advanced for it's time, it was still pretty basic by today's standards. Both CD read times were fixed as we're memory card write times. This meant that if the developers wanted, there were some operations that could run or start while certain read and write operations were ...


the build is a few months old (as far as I know)so it could have been a bug that is hopefully fixed when the full game releases.


Why Microsoft is selling physical media games for Series S They're not. If you look more closely at the box art, you'll notice that these games are for Series X. There is no mention of "Series S" at all. Microsoft Flight Simulator only mentions Series X (also notice the Series X logo in the upper right corner): Just Dance even mentions the old ...


Ok, so after 3 weeks of going in circles, today I took out the motherboard battery and disconnected the power cable and made sure all charge has been discharged. After putting the battery back and booting, it booted fast like before and all games now work perfectly as they used to. Tbh, this is so strange as I already tried flashing the BIOS, resetting CMOS ...

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