There is no way to force a unit to walk a certain path, but it's not necessary to do so anyway. Landmines, A.C.I.D., lava, and other tile hazards are only triggered when stopping on that specific tile, not when pathing through it.


Yes. I just tested this in a mission by freezing the train on turn 1, and I got full credit for saving the train: As far as I can tell the "Defend the train" objective is based purely on if the train takes damage, it doesn't actually need to reach the other side of the map.


Pilots can be sometimes found in Time Pods if they're successfully secured during a mission, or they can be selected as a Perfect Island reward after completing all of an island's optional objectives.


I believe you can check which pilots you have unlocked whenever your want - I just checked to be sure and it seems you can check while the Perfect Island reward selection screen is up as well as any other time by: Press Esc or click the cog in the top-left to open the menu. Click "Main Menu" Click "Statistics", in the bottom left Click "Change Pilot", ...


Yes, healing from an attack that brings your mech's health to 0 will save both the mech and the pilot.


The Zenith Guard can be really powerful if used correctly. The Laser Mech is your primary damage dealer. It deals a lot of damage, and it's piercing ability can allow you to wipe out multiple enemies a turn with proper positioning. Using the Charge Mech dash attack and the Defense Mech pull attack are both great way of increasing the effectiveness of this ...


Yep. The blobs' explosion is an attack, which is canceled by smoke like any other attack.


You pretty much covered it. The pilot you choose at the end of the run can go with you with all their experience any pilots you unlock are permanently available as the starting pilot choice. any coins earned from achievements can be spent to unlock new mech parties to play with certain achievements earn a permanent bonus, e.g. completing the first island ...


NO. I tested this with a squad containing the Swap Mech, the Nano Mech, and Prospero piloting the Combat Mech. I powered up flight before the first fight, beat the game after the first two islands, and did not get the achievement.


The achievement is unlocked by recruiting one of the three secret pilots, Unlike regular pilots, these can only be encountered in special pods, not regular Time Pods or as a Perfect Island bonus. A special pod can be triggered to drop during a mission by picking up a beacon hidden inside an ice tile or a mountain tile. A beacon can be seen under cracked ...


The Grid Defense starts at 15%, and can be increased by gaining additional power after the Power Grid is full. This is called Overpower Bonus, and can get as high as an additional 25%. Up to a 10% Overpower Bonus, each point of overpower will increase the Grid Defense by 2%. After that, each point of overpower will increase the Grid Defense by 1% instead. ...


You cannot rename squads at the moment, but one of the developers has added it to a list of player suggestions that they will consider. Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/IntoTheBreach/comments/811hkh/discussion_why_cant_we_rename_our_squads/


The grey colour with a yellow outline means that you can uninstall that power core. When you install a power core, you have the ability to remove it from that mech and install it on a different mech in case you made a mistake. This grace period lasts until the next mission.


If you unlock the pilot Abe Isamu then he makes a great pilot for the Charge Mech - his armour ability cancels out the self damage, so you end up with two powerful offensive mechs and a reasonably powerful defensive one as well.


I've found the Defence Mech to be very useful; - Its shield is extremely powerful - It can fly - It can pull enemies into water/lava - It can pull enemies into each other's lie of fire The ability to fly has huge synergy with its pull attack as you are free to position the mech almost anywhere. I find the Charge Mech a bit less useful; you have to be ...


No, multiple sources of armor will still only provide one armor to a mech.


That seems to be an old bug, please first of all make sure that your game is up to date. If it's up to date, then restart your console and you should be able to save normally. Restart by: Holding down the power button for a few seconds Selecting Power Options Selecting Restart

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