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Does the teleportal in Kingdom Rush have an official name? Can it be activated?

It's a TV show reference I believe I have found what you are referring to. You can find this in the second level of the second game (Kingdom Rush Frontiers), called Sandhawk Hamlet. The screenshot ...
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What is the Wildcat in Kingdom Rush?

The Wildcat is spawned by Alleria's ability, Call of the Wild. It's a melee unit that will follow Alleria and attack with her.
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How to get the "Sunburner" achievement in Kingdom Rush

You must acess the beta version of update (you must participate the beta program of google play) and play the stage, there is this tower.
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How to get the "Sunburner" achievement in Kingdom Rush

The Sunray is not broken, it's unavailable on Android, according to the wiki entry of the Sunray Tower. Hence the 'Sunburner!' achievement cannot be earned.
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Does the effects of poison stack in Kingdom Rush?

According to Rangers Hideout - KR Wiki the poison damage does not stack. Poisons enemies, causing them to take True Damage over 3 seconds. A Rangers Hideout upgraded with Poison Arrows prioritizes ...
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What are the tower reload times in Kingdom Rush Frontiers?

You can see the exact shots per second at Kingdom Rush Wiki. You would simply have to compare the ingame description (f.e. fast) with the stat in the Wiki. Here are a couple of examples: Artilery ...
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