Apparently this is a known bug on the PC Side and will be addressed in the next upcoming patch.


Based on the information gathered in this spreadsheet, Starfall does, at most, 300 damage (I assume this is if you land a direct hit with it). From the class HP values given here, Assassin has the lowest health pool, with exactly 300 HP. Assuming this information is accurate, then it should be possible to score a kill on an Assassin with full health with ...


(I can only confirm this as a feature in PC right now) There is at least a third way to get credits (on PC). In the main menu, there is a tab labelled "Tutorials". It also shows a credit symbol beside that. For every tutorial you watch, you recieve credits (the first time). You don't get a lot from the tutorials, I believe it is around 50-60 credits ...

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