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Is there a legal way to obtain games not available in certain Steam regions?

Update additional to Puce's answer. After hours of research, here is 'theoretical way' to determine state of your target game. TL;DR: Use to confirm package's information, if ...
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How are levels for Super Mario Maker 2 licensed?

Update As my understanding, if you use SuperMarioMaker2 to create a course but didn't publish it, you should still have right on your course. But I am not a lawyer, my understanding could be wrong......
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Which is the correct Pokemon GO ToS to follow here?

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. If in doubt, always consult a real lawyer. "The internet told me so" does not hold in court. As far as I know, Niantic has not officially published the game on ...
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Why is the minimum age for the Meta Quest platform 10 years old, but many Meta Quest only games are rated "Everyone"?

Because those are ESRB ratings for games, which in the US, are merely just suggestions. Those are set in connection with the ESRB, in one of two ways: If a game has a physical copy (in many cases, ...
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Can I obtain a Steam copy of Construction Simulator 2015 if I own it on the Mac App Store?

I couldn't find any mention of the Mac App Store version in the CS2015 FAQ, which only states this about playing on Macs: Apple-PCs: If you do not yet have a Steam account, you can set one up ...
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What happens if I exceed Steam's transaction threshold?

So, to be clear, crossing either threshold is not what makes your income via the steam community market taxable. That is something that will vary wildly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and across a ...
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Which is the correct Pokemon GO ToS to follow here?

The second set are the terms and conditions to the site, unrelated to the game, while the first are the terms and conditions to the Pokemon GO mobile game. So it seems that the terms of ...
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Battlefield 1: Transfer License from PS4 to XBOX ONE

No you cannot transfer your PS4 games to XBox One. They are completely different consoles and games on both consoles are not compatible even if they are digital.
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Can I use Steam Family Sharing with five user accounts plus one account per game?

I sent this to Steam Support Hi, I recently contacted you regarding my son's new PC and his ability to play games he had purchased under my account. My paraphrase of the response was "we don't ...
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Can I use Steam Family Sharing with five user accounts plus one account per game?

No publicized IP limits related to SFS, but do note that Steam can be a buggy bandwidth hog. As long as it's not being abused to rent games to other users or cheat it seems like it's perfectly within ...
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Are Minecraft commands copyrighted

When it comes to software, especially very small snippets, copyright (for the creator of the generator) might not even apply. There's only so many ways of writing down the same command. Sometimes even ...
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Can I make videos on warframe gameplay?

Yes, you can do videos and nobody will close your channel. But, if you're asking if you can make videos and monetize them via youtube, this might be kinda different. If you're going to take that road,...
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Do Steam or Battle.Net Terms of Service restrict the ability to play games remotely via streaming?

Steam officially supports LAN game streaming, and you can extend your LAN by managing to get some sort of VPN system to work. IANAL, but streaming your video gameplay through a VPN is not ...
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Other than being ethically correct, what are the benefits of playing with original game CDs?

I want to elaborate on something mentioned by another answer: Supporting the developer. I was struck by this interview of Marc Goodman, the writer of a well-known Apple //e game of decades ago, The ...
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