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The following bash script uses jq & curl to: download the manifest versions file extract the url of the latest manifest download the latest manifest extract the url of the server jar download the server.jar to minecraft_server.$version.jar symbolically link server.jar to minecraft_server.$version.jar Use it in combination with a minecraft start script ...


It's also possible to run Steam using your distribution's native libraries. Install the necessary 32-bit libraries (packages are usually named lib32-<libname>), then run env GDK_SCALE=1 /usr/bin/steam-native %U.


For Ubuntu: pMARS is available from the official Ubuntu repositories from Ubuntu 19.10 (Eaon Ermine) onwards. Install by running sudo apt-get install pmars. For Debian: pMARS is currently in the "testing" distribution of Debian, so it might become available in stable Debian distributions starting from Debian 11 (Bullseye). Alternatively, you could compile ...


Based on a similar issue on this ArchLinux forum : Rename your ~/.steam hidden folder to ~/.steam-old (or something else different from original name), and start steam again. It would repair your installation and re-download your Steam client.


IIRC what worked for me in this situation was to: Cancel all downloads in the Steam client. Exit Steam. Copy the game files to the correct path (.../steamapps/common/) Open Steam. Try to install a copied game in Steam client. Steam will then discover existing files for some minutes before starting to download anything that might be missing (e.g. intervening ...

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