a playthrough of a game for documentative or showcase reasons. Use this tag for questions regarding longplay formats, rules, or non-game specific conventions. For questions about a game in the context of performing a longplay, please use the game's tag instead.

A Longplay is a documentative, non-competitive playthrough similar to a speedrun, where a game is played from start to finish in a timely manner. Unlike a speedrun, a longplay does not aim for the fastest route, but for the most thorough showcase of a game's content. This may include such things as extra cutscenes, unlockable content, Easter Eggs, game-over screens and more.

A Longplay is different from a Let's Play in its deeper focus on the game, rather than the person playing it. Typically, this means there is no commentary and the gameplay is about as polished and "no-nonsense" as that of a speedrun. Although a longplay can have commentary and mistakes, this is not typical. Another key difference is that longplays are not a series. An 18-hour longplay might be split across three 6-hour videos released all at once, while a Let's Play of the same length would be split across 72 episodes on a schedule.

World of Longplays is a notable community centered around longplays.