They were first shown to be plumbers in the original Mario Bros. game (Thanks to Chase Sandmann for the box art correction.) The original Mario Bros. game, first released in arcades in 1983, was the first game in which Mario and his brother were shown to be plumbers. In fact, the entire premise of the game was about their plumbing, in which they were ...


Luigi is the younger brother; most recently this is confirmed in Animal Crossing New Leaf where the "Lil Bro Hat" is Luigi's and the "Big Bro Hat" is Mario's. I'm certain it's been referenced multiple times within Mario "canon" material but I can't think of an exact quote at the moment. IIRC Luigi refers to mario as "big bro" several times in his letters in ...


The Super Mario Wiki, while not an official source by any means, contains several quotes from various Mario games (SSB/M trophies, Mario Kart descriptions). Some choice excerpts from their entry on Luigi; Mario Kart DS; Bio: Mario's younger brother. Luigi is ready to race. His superb traction makes him harder to spin out. Super Smash Bros. profile; ...


In Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U, the intro shows the Mario Brothers stumbling upon a broken pipe and they set about fixing it with their plumbing powers. It's an extremely minor plot point but a plot point nonetheless.


According to the Super Mario Wiki there are quite a few! If we stick to just main series Mario games, you have: the Beanbean Kingdom from Mario and Luigi SuperStar Saga. Birabuto Kingdom, Chai Kingdom, Easton Kingdom, Muda Kingdom from Super Mario Land for the Game Boy. Sammer's Kingdom from Super Paper Mario. Flora Kingdom mentioned but not actually see ...


The only creature I've found with the Blue Spiny Shell is Sky-Blue Spiny, and is found in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. There was a similar one in old Super Mario Bros. 3: If they aren't defeated in time, Spinies will flip themselves over and their shell will turn from red to green (and from green to blue if it happens a second time), making it ...


Yes, according to series creator Shigeru Miyamoto it was. He nods affirmingly to this very question in this video on Mario myths.


The answer appears to be a shell used as a saddle. "Yoshi was originally supposed to be a type of Koopa. That saddle you see on his back was actually his shell." —Super Mario World Director Takashi Tezuka, Super Mario History Cite Source from Takashi Tezuka according to MarioWiki


Mario's parents are shown in Yoshi's Island, among other related anime and comics. Mama Mario: At the end of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Mario and Luigi's mother made her first video game appearance. She is portrayed as a wide-set woman wearing a pink nightgown, and only her lower half and hands are seen. Papa: The video game's artists ...


Luigi is the younger twin brother of Mario. Sources: Saturo Iwata, Nintendo Direct, 14th of February 2013 Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, North American Instruction Booklet, Page 5 Paper Mario, North American Instruction Booklet, Page 7 Super Smash Bros. Brawl Luigi Trophy


Yup, there are. Super Mario Land takes place in Sarasaland, and is the country Daisy rules over. Super Mario Land 2 takes place in Mario Land, although I'm not sure if it's located within the Mushroom Kingdoom or if its an independent country. Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 introduces many new planets, and by extension many new kingdoms/land/countries/...


Princess Toadstool pronounced it in the television show /ˈlækiːtuː/ (la-KEE-too) http://www.mariowiki.com/lakitu As that page states and if you ever watched the show you would have heard this being used, but like it says "(la-KEE-too)" is western It maybe pronounced different in other regions If you are looking for official I'm guessing this is one of ...


According to the wikia, there is a Mushroom King, though there are some discrepancies as to his actual identity, as he has yet to make an appearance in any game. He was first mentioned in the manual for the original Super Mario Bros. for the NES: The Mushroom King is said to be Princess Peach's father in the manual from the original Super Mario Bros, but ...


"Mario Second" differs from game to game and could be between 0.4 to 1 real world second. At least in some cases it was caused by technical specifications: A timer's count is approximately 0.6 or 0.7 seconds (in Super Mario Bros., one in-game count lasts 0.4 seconds, which is 24 frames in 60Hz NTSC or 20 frames in 50Hz PAL, and in New Super Luigi U and ...


According to this video, it is a hat. They show a scene from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show where Toad is being flown away by some sort of dinosaur-like creature (forgive me if that's some sort of Mario character). Toad manages to escape, and used his head piece as a parachute, thus revealing that it's really a hat, and not his head. The Mario Wiki ...


There is apparently no official canon, as mentioned in this wikia article: Unlike many other franchises, the Mario franchise and its many spin-off series do not have an officially recognized canon. Therefore, arguments over canonicity (canon vs. non-canon) are purely speculative. This is supported in various other places, as well. See here: The Super ...


And we can't forget Nimbus Land, the misleadingly named cloud kingdom from Super Mario RPG, Legend of the Seven Stars, ruled by King and Queen Nimbus and


You didn't see the movie? On there, they referenced Mario as the elder.


The existence of Star Coins serves for many useful purposes, such as buying hints and movies in the castle, getting more points, etc.


In Mario and Luigi Dream Team, we go to Pi'llo Kingdom.


In Super Mario Odyssey we’re introduced to the Cap, Cascade, Sand, Lake, Wooded, Cloud, Lost, Metro, Snow, Seaside, Luncheon, Bowser’s, and Moon Kingdoms.


Bowser is the Koopa King (or King of Koopas, if you prefer) and has his own castle with subjects that he rules over. Though Super Mario 3 shows us a large, spooky, highly-militarized "world" that Bowser rules over, it is referred to as "Dark Land" and not as a Kingdom of its own. However, Bowser is the only known actual king* in the main Mario series, ...

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