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A console to play them all

Every version of the PS4 can play all PS4 games. The PS4 Pro is a more powerful version of the console and can play many games at a more stable frame rate, with added graphical effects or at a higher ...
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How do you unlock/find costumes in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

SOURCE All of the costumes can be unlocked by defeating 50 enemies (except Juggernaut who requires 300), though some require a certain alignment in the Civil War. All of the 50 enemies killed can be ...
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Is it Possible to Save BOTH Jean Grey and Nightcrawler in Mephisto's Realm?

If you have magneto in your team you save both. When you choose one X-Man to save, Magneto will say that the cages are still made of metal and not to worry. He stops the other from falling and both ...
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