The third and final game in the Metroid Prime subseries, featuring the Wii's pointer and motion controls.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is the third game in the Metroid Prime series and the tenth in the overall Metroid series. Released early in the Wii's lifespan, the game featured several motion-controlled elements, such as using the Wiimote's pointer to aim Samus's arm cannon or shaking the Nunchuk to pull armour off enemies.

The game's story follows the previous two games, which both involved the exploration of a single planet that had been hit by a mysterious Phazon meteor. Corruption reveals these meteors to be Leviathans, fragments of a sentient planet intent on spreading Phazon across the galaxy. Samus must travel to multiple nearby planets to defeat corrupted bounty hunters and destroy each planet's Leviathan while stopping herself from falling victim to the corruption Dark Samus placed on the hunters.