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How do I check a player's inventory for specific items?

This is how I got it to work: /testfor @p [hasitem = {item=sand}]
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What is the easiest way to convert Mycelium to grass?

I made an account on this site only to say DO NOT use the water method mentioned on the other answer. It was true at one point that it would work, but mycelium has since been changed and the only ...
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How to Set Mobs to Spawn at Certain Time Bedrock

Start your game on Peaceful Start your game on the peaceful difficulty, where no Mobs spawn, then as soon as you are ready change it to another difficulty, so the mobs can start spawning. This can be ...
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How to give myself maps that have already been created?

On Java you can do... /give {playername or selector} minecraft:filled_map[minecraft:map_id={mapid}] [count] for example /give SighFye minecraft:filled_map[minecraft:map_id=0] 5
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