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Is there a command to spawn blocks in the air with worldedit?

Try: /setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:stone
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How to let cacti grow even if no player is near?

Currently, the random ticks only happen within the 16x16 chunk area around the player. That means even keeping the chunks loaded doesn't help if there's nobody within the radius. The common vanilla ...
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How to become invisible to opped members in minecraft?

Your friend can see you because all OP players have vanish.see permission by default, so you need to negate it. I recognized that you use PermissionsEX reading the link that you have provided, so you ...
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How to add plugins without Bukkit on a Minecraft 1.9.4 server?

You cannot add plugins if your server is vanilla for example the minecraft_server_1.9.X.jar found on minecraft.net. You need bukkit or a more recent artifact - as bukkit was somehow closed when ...
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/give command will not work if i add enchantments or attributes

This is most likely a plugin command conflict problem; this happens when two commands register themselves as "/give". My suspicion is that you have "Essentials" or "EssentialsX" installed on your ...
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Mobs becoming invisible in Minecraft?

It might be because you have to download both the resource and behavior pack. cause if you only download the behavior pack, the mod will be there, you just won't be able to see it because the resource ...
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Disable faction claiming and mcmmo party tping

To do what you want to do, you need to do what you have already done, but there is a small change you need to make: For the party tp, you cannot allow users any '*' permissions that are related to it,...
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What is the maximum number of players on a Minecraft/Bukkit server?

There is no cap. 32-bit Java simply crashes after 2,147,483,647. If you had 64 bit Java you could probably go up to 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 but 32 bit clients that try to join your server might ...
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Is there a bukkit plugin to run small scripts when players (re)spawn?

Since the other (marked correct) answer was written in 2012, CommandHelper now supports binding to events and therefore this is possible with only CommandHelper installed as a plugin. Install plugin ...
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Moving From Vanilla Server to Bukkit

This thread helped save me a major headache for my server when migrating from Vanilla 1.11.2 to Spigot 1.11.2. However, I ran into a couple issues that I solved through additional steps. Here are the ...
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Can't Use /Summon Command

I believe that Essentials overrides the /summon command. To circumvent this, you can either do this in the bukkit.yml, or use a different command. The command to override it is /minecraft:summon ...
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How to force player to ride in a minecart?

The only possible way would be to write your own plugin, or.. Use RailCraft mod. RailCraft has embarking track, which is able to load entities into minecarts. When track is applied the redstone ...
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How do I import maps onto my minecraft server?

A basic Google Search linked me to their store: http://store.minehut.com/ According to their 4th Tier plan, they offer a plugin for importing worlds called Scaffold. As a general question, it is ...
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How to import single player minecraft world into server folder

The world folder has to be called "world". In general, if you are in such a situation, you can start with the default world, then copy the parts of the world one by one and see if they work. That way ...
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How to import single player minecraft world into server folder

Place the world folder from the saves directory into the root directory of the server. (the same folder the server file is in) You have to change level-name in the server.properties file to match ...
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How to port a pre 1.13 plugin to 1.15 or higher?

Start with importing the project into your IDE. The next step is to add the newer version of the API to your project's build path. If the project is using Maven or Gradle, the API should be listed as ...
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Can't join my server: "io.netty.channel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection refused: no further information"

I know that my ip4 address is: and I put this in "server.properties" file. Don't. Leave your server-ip to (blank). Your server will just bind to your local address and ...
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Is it possible to have a Minecraft server with multiple worlds, some of which are modded?

I think you wouldn't be able to host multiple Minecraft worlds with different sets of mods on the same server instance, but you could have a hub server without any mods and a proxy service like ...
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Elytra mechanics in Minecraft

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the Elytra can't be put on Armor Stands. Also, you can't determine when X and Z postistions are constant. Remember that the Elytra don't give you the ability to ...
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How do you allow de-opped players to use ServerSigns in MC 1.7.10?

To do this, when doing the /svs add put /svs add *[command] and not /svs add /[command]. It will allow all players to use the ServerSign. To make a special sign do /svs setperm [perm] and only ...
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How to become invisible to opped members in minecraft?

Here is an option you can use without plugins: /effect give @s minecraft:invisibility 1000000 255 true It does not show particles (due to the hideParticles option being set to true), and will apply ...
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I can't spawn in other types of mobspawners

While the essentials /give command doesn't work; their is a work around this; from vanilla. /give @p mob_spawner 1 0 {BlockEntityTag:{EntityId:Skeleton}, display:{Name:Skeleton Spawner}} (or in ...
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Can I rotate a WorldEdit selection horizontally?

I know this might be a little late but with the rotate command you can do specific rotations with the command //rotate y x z (and yes it's y x z) and replace the z or x values with 90 or -90 in your ...
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How Can I Stop TNT From Blowing Up?

To disable mob griefing (basically stop any mob from causing damage to the ground, which includes creepers, the wither, and the ender dragon) type this command in chat: /gamerule mobGriefing false ...
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Can you get bukkit in 1.8 minecraft

the official site is currently not allowing you to download craftbukkit because of a DMCA takedown request.
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How do I teleport a player that has two specific scores in Minecraft

To those looking at this and using 1.13+, here's the new format (using MrLemon's example): /tp @a[scores={scoreboard=1,anotherscoreboard=3}] X Y Z You may also run the command as the player directly:...
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Minecraft - Prevent people from logging off in certain areas

You could run a command to teleport them out again when they recognise, but you also could just run a command like /execute @e[type=Player] (x) (y) (z) /(command) onto a NOT gate to run a command that ...
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Help with Minecraft plugin replacing default tp

I see you are using Essentials. I had the same problem on my server, just do: /minecraft:tp @e[name=o] ~ ~300 ~
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